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HAUPPAUGE, NY (October 2009) - Buongiorno SpA ((Italy, MTA STAR: BNG), the multinational leader in mobile content and entertainment is the first Italian company to receive the Dale Carnegie Training Leadership Award in human relations and employee management training. The recognition was awarded to Buongiorno for the value it places on its human resources and Buongiorno's ability to create a workplace environment that allows its employees to realize their full potential - naturally, in relation to the company's strategic objectives.

In a ceremonius reception, the Chairman and CEO of Dale Carnegie Training presented the award to Buongiorno's CEO, Andrea Casalini who declared "Buongiorno is a multinational for the third millennium: agile and at the same time able to service a global market thanks to its global management capabilities and to its extremely engaged and motivated workforce who are continually focused on the company's objectives."

With a highly educated and diverse workforce (75% have an advanced degree or equivalent and 40% are women) whose average age is 32, Buongiorno's more than 900 employees are in 24 countries. "Buongiorno SpA's steadfast commitment to employee satisfaction and in cultivating a positive workplace environment is truly impressive" said Peter Handal, chairman, president and CEO of Dale Carnegie Training. "It is with great pleasure that we recognize the stellar leadership of Mr. Casalini and offer this respected award to a company such as Buongiorno SpA."

"Our human resources are an integral part of our company's success. Keeping employees motivated becomes more difficult during an economic downturn, it, therefore, becomes imperative to invest in training" states Florence Kaminska, Buongiorno's Group HR Director. "The training program we developed in 2009 was, in fact, focused on the relationship between managers and their team members and on motivational skills which produced an outstanding return on investment and excellent results."

The Dale Carnegie Leadership Award is presented to company who is a major contributor to its country's economy and society through a special emphasis on the development of its human resources, innovation and organizational creativity. Established in 1985, the prestigious award was given to The Ford Motor Company that same year and in subsequent years to such well known organizations as Coca-Cola, Adidas, Boeing, Four Seasons Hotel, Daimler-Chrysler and SAS Scandinavian Airlines.

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About Buongiorno Group

Buongiorno (Italy, MTA STAR: BNG) is the multinational leader in mobile content and digital entertainment. The Company counts on an unparalleled international presence with 24 offices and business in 57 countries in 5 continents, direct connections with +120 telcos and access to over 2 billion mobile customers. Buongiorno is market leader in Europe and is one of the top 3 players in 8 of the world's most important geographies. Buongiorno is also present in India, Vietnam and Philippines through the Joint Venture with the Japanese group Mitsui & Co., Ltd.. The Company operates with two business lines: mobile value-added services distributed directly - through its brand BlinkoGold for Mobile Content services and through its Mobile Social Networking brand peoplesound - as well as through partnerships with leading telcos and media groups (Consumer Services) - and digital marketing services referred to as sponsored content (Marketing Services).




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